Sammons Retirement Solutions How a rock 'n' roll legend can help
double-check your book of business.

As you’d expect from a big-time rock band, Van Halen’s productions were huge and complicated.

That’s where the infamous "M&Ms Clause" comes in.


Because in many of the smaller venues they played, it was not at all certain that the electrical wiring was sufficient ... that the floor could support the weight ... or even that the doors were big enough to move the equipment through.

In fact, many of the specifications – if not met – could result in injury or even death to performers or concert-goers.

So the Van Halen contract read something like a handbook for a space launch.

The now-infamous Article 126 ("There will be no brown M&Ms in the backstage area, upon pain of forfeiture of the show, with full compensation.") was a quick way for the band to check if the contract had been carefully read.

You see, if there were no surprise M&Ms backstage, the band and its team could quickly and easily be sure the specs had been followed.

"Great story," you may think ...
"But what does it have to do with retirement planning?"

Just this: At Sammons Retirement Solutions®, we know the devil is in the details.

When we created the Details Matter Toolkit we blended attention to detail with tools to help you tackle the worries that keep clients up at night:

The Striking the Right Balance dry erase worksheet helps pinpoint risk tolerance.
The Break-Even Burden slide rule helps illustrate the impact of market downturns.

In today’s financial environment, balancing growth and risk may be more important than ever for your clients. And while they may want upside potential, they may also want to protect against the impact of market downturns. That's where the LiveWell Dynamic Annuity, an index-linked variable annuity issued by Midland National® Life Insurance Company, may be an ideal fit.

The LiveWell Dynamic Annuity gives reps ... and clients ... what they appreciate most, like:

Details Matter Toolkit
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The ability to participate in growth potential when the stock market goes up
Peace-of-mind protection for times when the market goes down1
Flexibility to pivot between investment options2
Confidence of balancing the risk of investment volatility against the financial impact of low returns

With our Details Matter Toolkit, you'll be able to help illustrate the potential advantages of annuity options and the importance of finding the balance of risk that's right for your clients.

Best of all? No surprise M&Ms!

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Or, for complimentary materials, complete the Details Matter Toolkit Request Form above.

1 Protection is limited to the Cycle index account. The variable separate account is subject to unlimited market risk.

2 If the client leaves mid-cycle, they will get the interim value, which is the Cycle’s fair value, limited by the proportional Cap Rate and may be more or less than the original amount invested in the Cycle. Prior to cycle maturity date, the floor and buffer rate do not apply and the unit value is limited by the proportional Cap Rate. If a client leaves a Cycle mid-term, they cannot enter back into that specific Cycle.

"Did Van Halen's Concert Contract Require the Removal of Brown M&Ms?" Snopes. January 19, 2001.

Van Halen and Mars, Incorporated, the company that makes M&Ms, are independent entities not affiliated with Sammons Retirement Solutions.

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