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The beauty of guaranteed lifetime income with a fixed index annuity

Retirees may face various challenges, from increasing life spans and inflation to rising healthcare costs and market volatility. All of these factors can affect a retirement nest egg and cause savings to be depleted quickly.

Five powerful financial moves for women

A gender gap in financial health has existed for a long time, where many women have come up against income disparities, limited support for caring for children or aging parents, and a lack of financial education. Despite these challenges, women are becoming standouts in their careers and leading more of their household’s financial decision-making.

Five opportunities for women in retirement planning

Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced, women are seeking ways to empower themselves and each other. Now, more than ever, it’s important for women to harness their financial prowess and create opportunities in retirement.

Make room for the FIA in your portfolio

Market volatility is a constant. Consumers with all of their retirement dollars exposed to market volatility have seen historic gains … but also historic downturns. The power of a fixed index annuity lies within its ability to balance both growth potential and premium protection to help smooth out the ups and downs of an overall portfolio.

Financially plan for your retirement income

Retirement has changed quite a bit in recent decades. People are living longer, costs are rising, pensions are becoming increasingly rare, and there are ongoing questions about the long-term financial health of Social Security. In short, it can be a challenge to secure a dependable and consistent retirement. Have you considered “self-funded” retirement options?

5 things you can do with an IRA that you can't with a 401(k)

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s share a lot of similarities. They are both retirement plans. Both can help you lower your tax bill today, provide tax-deferred growth, and help provide an income source in retirement. But there are also many differences between IRAs and 401(k)s. Here are five things you can do with an IRA that you can't with a 401(k).

7 key differences between a Roth 401(k) and a Roth IRA

Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRAs share the ultimate goal of tax-free distributions of earnings. While both of these accounts are funded with amounts that have already been taxed, the path to that tax-free goal is paved with different rules for each of these two types of accounts.

How to raise financially smart children

Whether it's playing an instrument or figuring out how video games work, a child's brain can make active connections quickly. The same is true for understanding financial literacy. As early as age 3, your children can begin to comprehend how money works and form financial habits. That's why you should teach them to be financially smart.

Caregiving in retirement

From providing care to receiving care

One life stage many of us will experience is the need for some form of care services—from nursing home care to in-home services. Planning for this stage now can ensure you’ll have financial resources in place to help pay for care, and your family will know the kind of care you’ll want.

How to recognize (and avoid) common phone scams

Create a plan for dealing with fraud

Older adults lose billions of dollars each year to financial exploitation and fraud. Learn about three scams that are often reported and what to do to avoid becoming a victim.

Retirement planning calculator

Retirement Planner Calculator

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track—and learn how to keep it there.

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Helping Client Families Through Their Darkest Times

Listen as Kylie Murray, Director of Practice Management with Sammons Institutional Group®, provides a detailed road map to help clients and their families navigate some of life's most difficult and unexpected events.

Preparing Client Families for the Future webinar

Listen as Kylie Murray, Director of Practice Management with Sammons Institutional Group®, highlights a personal story of how a financial professional made a remarkable difference in the life of a client's child. Being their trusted go-to expert amidst a family's struggle with an Alzheimer's diagnosis, he proved his value for years to come.

Helping Clients Start the Year Off Strong webinar

Listen to the importance of annual meetings, key tax changes that could affect important areas of your clients' finances, tips to make the year a success, and critical resources available to help you start conversations.

Educational materials

Get ahead of the curve when clients & prospects change jobs

If you're trying to help a potential client, the prospect of a new job situation may be one of the best opportunities to get your foot in the door. Read how the government helps you out — at absolutely no cost.

How LinkedIn Revolutionized the Prospecting Game

By using LinkedIn to learn about your prospect before you make a call - you can demonstrate that you know something about them and can contribute value to the conversation. Read these 11 tips to turn your LinkedIn page into your best prospecting tool.

Effective annual reviews

An annual review is an important milestone in the financial professional/client relationship. As you develop your strategy for making these meetings efficient, consider if you're covering, at minimum, these four key areas.

Articles and offers to help build your business

Help Your Clients Envision Retirement

Your clients' retirement years should be a period of continued growth and fulfillment. Help them envision retirement by having a discussion on which goals or interests are most important to them.

Rep-facing tools:
Use this to record your notes as you guide your clients through 18 lifestyle questions.

Client-facing tools:
Are your clients saving for retirement or saving for life?

Helping Client Families Navigate Challenging Situations

Financial professionals have the ability and responsibility to serve clients and their families well through some of life’s most difficult and unexpected events. Life events look different for everyone. They can range from figuring out a caregiving plan to planning for final arrangements.

Rep-facing overview:
Looking for resources to help position yourself as the go-to financial professional?

Preparing Client Families for the Future

Helping clients prepare for unexpected life events now puts you in a position to be their family's financial MVP when it matters most. This toolkit includes 10 valuable guides addressing many of the most common issues facing clients as they grow older—from ways to help organize important information and records to strategies to help pay for long-term care expenses. It also includes five copies of the recently expanded In Case of Emergency Guidebook.

Rep-facing overview:
Looking for resources to help you and your clients proactively prepare for unexpected life events?

8 Reasons Clients 'Flunk' Retirement

Most clients forget that retirement is more than just an economic event. Here are eight ideas to use to help encourage them to prepare for their retirement years by mapping out how they will stay active and lead emotionally fulfilling lives after they stop working.

Rep-facing tools:
Here are eight ideas to help clients prepare for the transition into retirement.

Helping Clients Track Their Financial Health

For many clients, staying up-to-date on their financial numbers can fall to the bottom of their to-do list. As a financial professional, you understand that this somewhat daunting task is critical for clients to make thoughtful planning decisions. You can help your clients track and assess their financial health with these materials.

Rep-facing tools:
21 Key Stats Guide
Client-facing tools:
21 Key Stats Worksheet

Finding Financial Consensus with Couples

As a financial professional, your role is to help your clients prepare for their financial future, but you need both partners fully at the table to build consensus. To help you navigate conversations and build lasting relationships, we've put together tools to help you get them talking and on the path to making financial decisions together. Get the tools now:

Rep-facing tools:
5 Conversation Starters, 7 Golden Rules, 6 Ways to Help Cool Off Conflict, Compatibility Analysis Tools
Client-facing tool:
2 minute financial compatibility test

Strengthening Client Relationships

After you've worked with a client for one, two, or even 10 years or more, it can be all-too-easy for your relationship to hit a few bumps. Even if you think all is well, your clients' expectations may have changed over time and no longer align with yours. This guide can help make sure you're on the same page as your valued clients. Get the tools now:

Rep-facing tools:
3 Secrets to Help Avoid Client Break-Ups, 5 Common Misperceptions
Client-facing tool:
Valued Client Survey

Turn your new clients into loyal fans ... from the start

The first interactions you have with your clients can make or break your future relationship. Treating new clients like the "MVPs" of your firm can be a successful way to build and retain your book of business. The secret to success is all about anticipating questions, so your team can deliver "just in time" service, while incorporating personal touches to make every new client feel like the MVP. Get the tools now:

Rep-facing tools:
Turn Your New Clients Into Loyal Fans … From the Start, Quick Quiz, New Client 60-Day Checklist

5 Ways to Improve Your Referral Strategy

Whether you're starting out in your career or you're an established financial professional, turning referrals into loyal clients is a crucial part of building up your book of business. Don't be left on the sidelines. Strengthen your offense with these five ways to help build a stronger referral program.

Rep-facing tools:
5 Ways to Improve Your Referral Strategy, Turn Referrals Into Clients Worksheet

Step-By-Step Guide: Planning and Hosting Successful Events

Hosting an event is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and the value you bring to your clients. To help you and your staff seamlessly plan and host your next event, we've put together a variety of tools covering creative ideas/themes, timing of when to do what, and tips to make the event memorable. Get the tools now:

Rep-facing tools:
4 Secrets to Make Your Event a Hit, 25 Creative Event Hosting ideas, Event Planning Checklist, Building Relationships from Your Event Form
Client-facing tool:
Making the Most of Your Retirement Survey

Key Financial Data

Read this article promoting and offering Midland Retirement Distributors' Key Financial Data card, a quick-reference piece for some of the most common tax numbers both reps and clients may need to know. This tool positions you as a resource for valued information and can help start conversations for other potential opportunities in the future.

Rep-facing overview:
Get your handy conversation starters

Working with Families for the Long Term

When you've worked with a client for years, you may think you'll continue to work with their family --including their children. However, often that's not the case. Don't let a lack of relationship with your clients' children lead to a loss of assets under your management. Use this guide for ideas you can put to work immediately to help strengthen your relationships with your clients and their families, as well as help grow your business. Get the tools now:

Rep-facing tools:
5 Ways to Broaden the Conversation, 4 Financial Missteps to Avoid
Client-facing tools:
Building Your Family’s Financial Success Worksheet
16-Point Checklist

Check out additional value-add materials from our fund partners and industry thought leaders.

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