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Retirement income: Which accounts to tap first?

Many people assume that when retirement rolls around, they should draw cash from their taxable accounts first. Generally, this is a good idea; but not always.

5 things you can do with an IRA that you can't with a 401(k)

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s share a lot of similarities. They are both retirement plans. Both can help you lower your tax bill today, provide tax-deferred growth, and help provide an income source in retirement. But there are also many differences between IRAs and 401(k)s. Here are five things you can do with an IRA that you can't with a 401(k).

7 key differences between a Roth 401(k) and a Roth IRA

Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRAs share the ultimate goal of tax-free distributions of earnings. While both of these accounts are funded with amounts that have already been taxed, the path to that tax-free goal is paved with different rules for each of these two types of accounts.

Tips for improving your financial literacy today

“Financial literacy” is a buzz phrase you may have heard discussed on money shows or podcasts, or read about in articles. But being financially literate is more than just a trendy concept—it's something that can help you in all aspects of your financial life.

30 things a financial professional does for you

You might be surprised to learn some of the benefits of working with a financial professional. It's about more than just investments and your portfolio. A good financial professional can help you build a financial plan and help you pursue your individual financial goals.

How to raise financially smart children

Whether it's playing an instrument or figuring out how video games work, a child's brain can make active connections quickly. The same is true for understanding financial literacy. As early as age 3, your children can begin to comprehend how money works and form financial habits. That's why you should teach them to be financially smart.

6 simple memory aids, tools, and strategies

How to stay mentally fit as you age

Everyone faces different degrees of memory loss as they age. Learn 6 strategies to help improve memory, no matter what stage of aging you're in.

7 great travel tips to keep your identity

How to prevent identity theft when you're away from home

Whether you're hitting the open road or flying overseas, travelers who've logged the most miles have a few routines that help keep them safe while they're away from home. Read more about a few habits worth developing when making plans to get away.

Aging gracefully

Ways to stay active and get better as you age

Learn more about four key areas that affect how you age, plus practical tips for navigating through different phases of aging.

Can loneliness affect your physical and mental health?

What lack of connection can mean to your health

Several significant studies have looked into loneliness and social isolation and each reports a similar conclusion: loneliness can impact your physical and mental health. Learn more about these health risks and how you can take care of yourself and those you love.

Caregiving in retirement

From providing care to receiving care

Learn more about options for caregiving, whether you need to provide care, receive care, or prepare for long-term care.

How to recognize (and avoid) common phone scams

Create a plan for dealing with fraud

Older adults lose billions of dollars each year to financial exploitation and fraud. Learn about three scams that are often reported and what to do to avoid becoming a victim.

Keeping a healthy mind and body in retirement

Understanding integrative healthcare and the options available

A look at options to coordinate natural healthcare and mind-body healthcare approaches with mainstream healthcare options.

Pets in retirement

Using pets to combat struggles

Read more about how pets can boost your activity level and your morale—plus ways to get the benefits without actually owning a pet.

Taking control of your legal life

Essential legal documents everyone needs

Individual situations can make it difficult to pinpoint exactly which legal documents you need. However, most legal professionals agree planning for different possibilities can save time, effort, and stress. Learn more about what to look into with your legal and financial professionals.

Tips to improve communication with your healthcare provider

How to talk with your doctor for better results

Effective communication with your doctor can create better outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Read more about how to prepare for doctors' visits and how to keep communication open.

Side hustles at—and after—retirement

Earn extra money while having fun

Whether you're close to, just starting, or deep into retirement, finding a side hustle can mean some quick extra cash or a way to have fun and enjoy the challenge of "what could happen if...". Whatever your reason, here are a few ideas for taking on a side gig and generating some extra money.

Retirement planning calculators

72(t) Calculator

The IRS Rule 72(t) allows for penalty-free, early withdrawals from retirement accounts. Use this calculator to determine your allowable 72(t) distribution and how it can help fund your early retirement.

Retirement Planner Calculator

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track—and learn how to keep it there.

Future Value Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the future value of an investment, which can include an initial deposit and a stream of periodic deposits.

Annual Rate of Return Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the annual return of a known initial amount, a stream of deposits, plus a known final future value.

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Big, bold identity

Having a big, bold identity and believing in yourself can be important to your business. Nationally known performance consultant speaker Dr. Kevin Elko shares tips to help you work toward bold results.

It's not just what you say, but how you say it

Back by popular demand, Jimmy P., from Impact Speakers, presents his upbeat, interactive seminar focused not only on planning what you say, but how you say it. Plus, gather helpful tips, tricks, and tools you can use immediately with your clients.

ResiliencyRx: Stress proof your brain & body

Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, particularly when events are out of our control. Award-winning author and keynote speaker, Jenny Evans, shares her secret blend of confidence and creativity, aimed at building resiliency.

Educational materials

Helping the recently retired make the transition

When clients face a 20- to 30-year retirement window, more than just their finances enters the planning picture. You can play an important and meaningful role in helping them transition to this new phase of life, one that's good for your clients, good for your business, and good for society.

Non-financial advice you can offer pre-retirees

Suggesting that your clients identify their individual drivers before they retire is some of the best non-financial advice you can give. It will help them focus on what is important to them and what they want from their retirement.

Get ahead of the curve when clients & prospects change jobs

If you're trying to help a potential client, the prospect of a new job situation may be one of the best opportunities to get your foot in the door. Read how the government helps you out – at absolutely no cost.

How LinkedIn Revolutionized the Prospecting Game

By using LinkedIn to learn about your prospect before you make a call - you can demonstrate that you know something about them and can contribute value to the conversation. Read these 11 tips to turn your LinkedIn page into your best prospecting tool.

Top financial professional best practices

Read more about what the most successful people do differently every day and begin to consider how to implement these best practices into your business routines.

Providing a great client experience

Learn how financial professionals can take a step back and create a more strategic experience with their clients ... one that not only earns business but retains it.

Polishing your presentation skills

A formal presentation is often your first contact with a prospective client. Whether you're at a small lunch gathering or a standing-room-only event, read these tips to help you make an impression that's the start of a long, profitable relationship.

Generating referrals from current clients

Referrals are key to building your business. Ironically, while asking for the business is a basic sales skill, asking for referrals is often overlooked. Learn a few ways to make it easier.

How to improve the family financial meeting

Of all the services financial professionals provide clients, engaging the entire family in important financial conversations may be what clients remember as among the most important. Consider these things you can do prior to, during, and after the family meeting to help ensure success.

Effective questioning and sales skills

The premise is simple: If you want better answers, ask better questions. Cultivating curiosity can be a major asset that differentiates you from other financial professionals. Here are several questions to keep in mind when you have the opportunity to begin or further a conversation.

Effective annual reviews

An annual review is an important milestone in the financial professional/client relationship. As you develop your strategy for making these meetings efficient, consider if you're covering, at minimum, these four key areas.

Developing listening skills

Feeling listened to is the basis of trust—an important building block in any long-term relationship. But in a day when distractions are nearly everywhere, how do you improve your fundamental listening skills? Take a quick assessment of how well you're doing based on the following good listening habits.

Demonstrating your value

Demonstrating your value is key to retaining clients. But, beyond showing your value as a financial professional, what else matters to clients? Here's a review of top reasons clients may leave and how to demonstrate your value.

Connecting with the next generation

It may be time to reconsider the up-and-coming demographic, as great wealth transfers between Millennials and Baby Boomers may continue to become more common. Here are a few facts to keep in mind about those heirs—also known as Generation X and Millennials.

Articles and offers to help build your business

Key financial data

Read this article promoting and offering Sammons Retirement Solutions' Key Financial Data Card, a quick-reference piece for some of the most common tax numbers both reps and clients may need to know. This tool positions you as a resource for valued information and can help start conversations for other potential opportunities in the future.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) booklet

Creating client conversations has always been important. But in today’s uncertain world, those client conversations have become an even higher priority. That’s why the ICE Booklet is proving so powerful for many financial professionals. It’s easily positioned as a helpful, no-obligation tool to help clients organize their financial life … especially during these days when so many are at home with their family.

Preparing the family for wealth

A collision between what financial professionals expect, what client heirs actually do, and a massive Generational Wealth Transfer may occur in the next few years. It’s your role, as a trusted financial professional, to help your clients navigate through this powerful tide. But working with multiple generations with differing needs can be a challenge. Where do you begin? Be ready to meet your client families where they’re at with our Preparing the Family for Wealth kit.

Finding consensus with couples

Although it is not easy to keep families as clients, it might be worth the investment to understand the dynamics of working with couples … and how to bring even the most disagreeing decision makers onto the same page. To help navigate these loaded conversations, Sammons Retirement Solutions is offering Finding Consensus with Couples.

Avoiding common misperceptions

Misperceptions could stand as warning flags as reps reach out to their long-term clients. As a way to help, Sammons Retirement Solutions® is offering Avoiding Common Misperceptions That Could Cost You Current Clients to help identify warning signs so reps can take action right away.

Rock star new client experience

There's no doubt the new client experience is a solid cornerstone for many of the nation's most successful financial professionals. Sammons Retirement Solutions' Rock Star New Client Experience guide is designed to help reps step up to a higher level of service to really "wow" new clients with their experience.

Mastering the client review

Learn how financial professionals can go from simply holding client review meetings to turning those sessions into the driving force behind their future success. Sammons Retirement Solutions' "Mastering the Client Review" is a reference guide for implementing critical practices to unleash the power of client reviews.

Check out additional value-add materials from our fund partners and industry thought leaders.

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